Breakthrough Envelope Sealing Technology

As energy efficiency codes and programs become stricter and more widely enforced, thousands of hours and millions of dollars are lost in the struggle to meet the air tightness requirements. Each house, condo and apartment unit has its own unique challenges and no standard air sealing package is guaranteed to get the job done.

AeroBarrier allowed Mandalay Homes to get to an economic model that works with a small amount of solar and a manageable battery storage solution that can run the home almost 24 hours a day. Mandalay can now offer this to their customers and make it standard on all of their homes at a production level.

AeroBarrier now seals up to 5/8" leak. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue advanced field trials and get closer to the 2018 product launch.

Find out why AeroBarrier was named the Most Innovative Building Product of 2018 at IBS. By pressurizing the building, AeroBarrier can deliver an air tight seal to any building, reducing the air exchanges significantly.